How to Catch a Wave

Have you seen what they’ve done at Half Moon Bay in California? The annual Mavericks surfing event has had some of the best (Mavericks video) waves in recent history. Just as that Beach Boys tune suggests, “Catch a wave and you’re sitting on top of the world.”

Much the same can be said about real estate, especially during the active spring market that will soon be upon us. But what do real estate and surfing have to do with each other? It’s a valid question.


For many consumers, diving into an active spring market can be a fearful task. Dealing with the tsunami of the multitude of buyers and multiple offers is a frightening challenge to handle too. This is the biggest challenge to overcome – minimizing multiple offer situations while maximizing the house searching exercise. Far too many real estate representatives take a passive approach to finding the right house for their buyer clients. Relying on automated listing searches that are emailed to buyers is often the most and only activity undertaken and a sure sign that a buyer is likely working with a passive and transaction oriented salesperson.

Vastly superior service with relational representation exists, if you know how to seek it out.

Here are a few tips to consider before hiring just anyone with a real estate license to find your next home:

1. Active Prospector: Prospecting has become a lost art among real estate professionals. But career REALTORS have resources and tools to fall back on in order to find new potential properties. They are not afraid to roll up the sleeves and get back to calling neighbourhoods and specific houses that are not on the DNCL(Do not call list). Knocking on doors or dialing for homeowners still works and is a sure way to get ahead of the wave.
2. Agent viewings: Most real estate boards have a day in the week when the new listings are available for viewing by the real estate sales people before the general public may even know about the new houses on the market. Get connected with a REALTOR who regularly keeps up to date with new places for sale. This is another way to catch that perfect wave.
3. Buyer Representation Agreement: Establish an effective working relationship with your salesperson early. Many provinces and states require that a formal written working relationship be documented between the buyer and the salesperson. These forms often take time to explain and sometimes add an extra hour to the time preparing an offer on a house. You may not have the luxury of time if you find yourself in a competing offer situation with other buyers for the same house. Stay ahead of the wave and complete the buyer representation agreement early.
4. Don’t go it alone: Pro-surfers and other professional water sport enthusiasts know better than to go it alone. They always have someone with them; either on a personal watercraft or another buddy. Why buy real estate on your own? Make a licensed salesperson part of your resource and safety team.


When you put all these tips together you greatly increase your chances of catching that wave, finding the right house, and riding it back to the beach before anyone else has even gotten there.

For more ideas and tips about real estate buying or selling I’d be happy to provide common sense solutions to common real estate problems. Drop me an email or give me a call.

Carlo De Castris
Sales Representative
Royal LePage Royal City Realty

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