Canadian Real Estate Changes on the Horizon

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Greater Montreal and Quebec City Real Estate Boards withdraw from the Canadian Real Estate Association. Both Boards have sighted duplication of expenses and services as reasons for opting out of the national association for real estate professionals. There is also strong opposition in allowing mere postings from non-licensed, third party companies from outside of Quebec.


Mortgages changes in 2014 will tighten lending rules for home purchases. Now, more than ever, buyers looking to secure financing to make their home or investment purchase should meet with a mortgage representative or broker. Not only will you get a clear idea of what is affordable but other benefits too. An interest rate guarantee for peace of mind and an authentic mortgage pre-approval for a stronger negotiation position goes a long way to finalizing any purchase agreement.


Changes to Ontario Consumer Act allows consumers to pay real estate professionals a flat fee and percentage rate for services provided. These changes are intended to provide more options and better protection for consumers.

Guelph, Kitchener/Waterloo and Cambridge Real Estate Boards to streamline listing data sharing to create a regional Multiple Listing Service. Strengthened bylaws will put more responsibility on sales representatives to ensure listing detail accuracy and better information for consumers.

2014 promises to be a year of significant change for real estate professionals on a national, provincial and local level. Keep updated by following this blog. I will be providing extra information about these and other topics throughout the year.

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