The Purposeful Market Study

Why do I spend several hours working on a Comparative Market Study or CMA?

I believe the privilege and responsibility of helping families maximize their real estate value is one to be taken seriously and too important to take short cuts. It is not possible to provide a professional evaluation over the phone; many visual elements to the property that may affect the market value are easily missed and overlooked. It would be like asking a doctor to give a diagnosis without physically assessing a patient or a pilot flying a plane without a proper pre-flight inspection. Would you feel comfortable with these professionals if they did not follow a standard of practice?  Why should a property owner expect any less from the real estate sales representative?

Why a thorough evaluation?
Financial loss prevention

1. Educate a seller with market information.
2. Identify potential financial risks.
3. Sellers won’t have to guess at a price.
4. Highlight all facts so that the seller can make an informed decision.

Sellers need to be informed and aware of what today’s educated buyers are thinking about and looking at. There are factors that can positively or negatively affect the value of your property. Experience indicates the potential gain or loss can be between 10 and 20% of the property value and I prefer to see the families I work with avoid being on the losing end. Wouldn’t you prefer to keep $20,000 to $40,000 for your family’s needs?

I am interested in providing the most accurate information possible in order to assist every seller to determine the most likely value of their property. I take the time that is necessary to address their questions and concerns. It is a standard of practice that has been a guiding principle for me since 1991. A practice that separates relational REALTORS from transactional agents.

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